Have you ever looked at the demand forecast in D365 BC and thought that is missing features which actually make it usable! I mean look at it…but actually look at it:

Yes I can toggle the matrix view to alter the dates and change to component items instead of sales but if I want to forecast surely I need to do it for items that actually need manufacturing first! After all that is the premise with it. You populate it and then it gets used as part of MRP and MPS. How can we change this situation so the page is actually friendly and a user can apply sensible filters? Initial thoughts would be just personalise it, oh wait you don’t get any fields to choose…

Well the answer lies in the make up of the page object. Which as it turns out is the Item table:

So our goal here is Add sensible fields to the page that can be used for better filtering when devising a demand forecast. This might seem overly simple as an idea but the value comes from the fact the item table, especially for a manufacturer, can become very large indeed. You will have items that get blocked, you will get items that have been replaced by others or are now defective. The list in it’s current state over time will become too difficult to work with.

The method to achieve this goal is simple. Create a page extension to page 9245 and throw in the necessary fields the user is most likely to plan with.

Other fields can be added of course but straight away a user has something way more friendly:

For more information on demand forecasting check this out: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/dynamics365/business-central/production-how-to-create-a-forecast

Code available here: https://github.com/JAng13sea/Blogs/tree/master/Demand%20Forecast

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