Business Central – Automatically add default dimensions with Power Automate ☑️

A scenario came up in a different blog post where I needed this solution:

What was the aim from the scenario? I required a default dimension to be added to an item record based on a different field value. I’d made the decision to use the Item Category as a dimension so I could use it for inventory/sales reporting. This solution could be applied to other scenarios as you see fit.

  • The starting point for my scenario was to use the creation of an item record as the trigger.
  • A variable to store the ID value for the dimension in the company you intend to use
  • A delay because you are using a “creation” trigger so you need to ensure, as best you can, that the user has keyed in the field you will use – in my case it is the Item Category Code.
  • Get the detail of the record which has been created.
  • The find records action is being used to check if the Item Category Code exists as a dimension value code for the dimension being used.

Check out the below gallery for a view on each step of the flow I took. I have added a note on each step for explanation purposes.

The interesting takeaway from using the “Find Records” action of the BC connector was that you need to handle the possibility of it throwing back an error. This is where the “scope” facility of Power Automate is supremely useful 😁

An example of the result from using this flow. 👍 no manual input required. Plenty of other use cases for this for sure.

Download the flow if you like:

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