Business Central Customer Approval with Power Automate 🏢✅

Recent Microsoft Dynamics Community forum post has prompted this blog:

In this post I will give an answer but also review briefly why I chose Power Automate over regular BC workflow.

BC workflow has a template for credit limit changes. That was my initial suggestion but it’s the requirement around blocking the customer which stopped me. Yes, BC workflow has record restrictions but they only stop postings. The blocked field on the customer stops document creation like orders or invoices. BC workflow doesn’t allow for other fields to be updated. Only allows for the changed one to be reverted back and altered on approval. The Power automate route however will allow you to make other alterations, or other actions, with greater ease. I’ve used a different field but here is how I’ve tackled this.

In Power Automate use the template for customer approval. This will add 80%of what is needed for the solution. Fill in any of the areas that are blank, like which database and company etc. Upon saving the flow it will then pass a workflow record to BC. You will find it in the regular BC workflows list:

The “When Event” will of course be about an approval being triggered:

That will be one of the things to alter along with a specific data condition. All to be done here in BC. The rest is for Power Automate to handle 🤘🏼
Change the when event to “A customer record is changed”. Then drilldown on the “On Condition” to setup what you need for your circumstance.
In my case I only want to handle records which meet my filter conditions and if the “Gen. Bus. Posting Group” is changed. I wouldn’t go without filters or you risk firing off approvals at daft times like when manually creating a record. Step by step field population counts as a modification

That’s the BC setup done ☑️ just the Power Automate parts now 😊

Two additions to the original template are required. They are nearly the same too. Choose the “update record” action from the Power Automate BC connector. Use the Id from the “Get Record” action above it. Choose the customer table and add the word All to the blocked field
Within the “Yes” condition, for when the request is approved, add the same action. This time the Blocked field needs to have a single space. This will revert it back to blank – which is an unblocked state

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