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Business Central Power Automate Document Approvals – Cancel ❌

Have you noticed when using Power Automate for BC document approvals you have the same approval buttons? One for sending and one for cancelling. The sending one works fine. Cancel on the other hand isn’t doing what we need. The approvers will still have an outstanding approval and the flow will keep waiting to run. […]

Business Central CSV export using Power Automate

A CSV export with Business Central (or NAV previously) is nothing new or exciting. Why blog about it then? Well let’s tackle the topic using a different solution. This is a CSV export using Power Automate with Business Central data. It could be argued that providing you have the relevant licensing this method would stop […]

Business Central line level approvals

Part 1 – Using one line value What am I getting at here? Well, think about a document approval scenario where you might need to have let’s say 1 shortcut dimension that you want to use as a driver for who approves the line. This could be a cost centre or a specific project, maybe […]

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